How Teachers Are Still Using Bitmoji Classrooms in 2021-22

The pattern of Bitmoji classrooms started last fall when a lot of us were teaching virtually, however numerous instructors are continuing to utilize them this year too. Considering that many instructors use a digital learning platform, Bitmoji classrooms use interactive aspects for students to click through to see projects, files, and websites.

Looking for ideas of what to consist of in your Bitmoji class? And if you do not know how to get begun … weve consisted of a tutorial listed below.

Isabel P. states, “Im still going to use it. Prior to the pandemic, I had actually been attempting to integrate more innovation into my curriculum. To me, it is necessary for students to prepare themselves for the labor force. After all, it is the 21st century. Many organizations, healthcare facilities, and so on, use innovation now and its getting more advanced. I feel I need to be an example of those changes.” Kelly B. concurs. “I use Bitmoji class for my interactive read aloud. I enjoy them, and Im keeping them!”

We Cant Stop Staring

There are a lot of details in this image published by Kait C. on Facebook!

Anchor Charts & & Posters

We likewise like the Alma Mater representation, from Amanda H. on Facebook.

How Welcoming is This?!

And we enjoy it!

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Prepared for School!

And the start of school for kindergarten!

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Fun Bulletin Boards

And a book nook too!

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A Colorful Classroom

Love that THINK poster.

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We Love Any Book Love

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With a Bitmoji class you can connect to reading materials for the week.

AP Classes Get in the Mix

Prepare for some psych!

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Physical Science, Too

Enjoyable with dinosaurs!

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Prepared for Game Day!

We love the style for this Bitmoji classroom.

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Fun for Foreign Language Learners

How excellent is this Spanish class?!

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Music Teachers Get in the Groove

We enjoy the links to each grade level on the keyboards.

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Art Teachers Share Their Creativity

We like the difficulty and artist of the week.

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First Grade Teachers Represent!

The entire grade can display their Bitmojis.

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Develop Your Own!

This video tutorial walks you through the steps to making a Bitmoji Google Classroom banner:.

Heres how you connect it to Google Classroom and Seesaw:.

Desire your own interactive Bitmoji classroom? Have a look at this video tutorial:.

And if you d rather see some detailed instructions this link assists!

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Isabel P. says, “Im still going to utilize it. Many services, medical facilities, etc., utilize technology now and its getting more advanced. “I utilize Bitmoji classrooms for my interactive read aloud. I enjoy them, and Im keeping them!”

Looking for ideas of what to include in your Bitmoji class?