30 Smart Place Value Activities For Elementary Math Students

Location value is among those basic concepts that assist kids construct a wide array of math skills. There are great deals of fun place worth activities you can use to help them comprehend, whether youre dealing with fundamental 10s and ones or have advanced to decimals with tenths and hundredths. Heres a terrific collection of ideas to include to your upcoming lesson strategies!

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1. Start with an anchor chart

Help students keep in mind and comprehend 4 ways to represent numbers and location worth with an anchor chart. Turning the chart into a robotic ups the fun factor!

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2. Check out a book about place worth.

Were not discussing the paragraph in their mathematics workbook that explains the principle. We mean among these engaging and entertaining location worth books that catch kids imagination while assisting them understand how location worth works and why it matters. There are lots of options out there– here are a few of our favorites.

3. Turn paint samples into location value sliders.

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Utilize the cutouts in paint sample chips as little “windows” for numbers. This is an enjoyable and vibrant method to introduce place value to your trainees.

4. Program it four ways.

Ask trainees to show their understanding of place value by revealing one number in a variety of methods. Get a free printable worksheet for this activity at the link.

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5. Transform a pill box into a place worth manipulative.

Stop by the dollar store for some weekly tablet box containers, then utilize our totally free labels to turn them into dice shakers you can utilize for all type of location worth activities.

6. Stack place value Cheerio towers.

Searching for more economical math class concepts? Get a box of raw spaghetti and some Cheerios to utilize for your location worth activities!

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7. Envision place worth with a foldable.

Use sentence strips and dry-erase tape to produce a recyclable mathematics manipulative that reinforces location value concepts and expanded form.

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8. Slide cards into binder pages.

Use divided binder pages in addition to number and base 10 cards to show location value. Call out each digit and its location (” Theres a 3 in the thousands position”) and see if your trainees can make the right number.

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9. Construct a tower of base 10 blocks.

Base 10 blocks are a popular math manipulative, and theyre perfect for teaching location value. This activity challenges kids to use the blocks to discover 3 various ways to develop a structure representing one thousand.

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10. Determine the place worth of your name.

Heres another creative use for base 10 blocks. First, have each trainee use them to define their name. Then, count up the varieties of tens and ones obstructs to identify your names location worth!.

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11. Stack some paper cups.

While youre at the dollar store, get some stackable paper cups. Number them 1 to 9 along the edge, and then use them to discuss location worth as you stack them to produce different numbers.

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12. Build place worth bugs.

How charming is this little number bug? Use big pom poms for 10s and smaller sized ones for ones, then set them on a wood craft stay with develop a number.

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13. Shoot for the target with LEGO bricks.

LEGO bricks really are perfect for place value activities. Toss the bricks onto a homemade target with rings to represents ones, 10s, and so on. Count the studs of each brick that arrive on a place worth ring, then add them approximately get your last number. (See more LEGO mathematics ideas here.).

14. Construct comprehending with LEGO bricks.

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You know your trainees love to develop with LEGO bricks, so utilize them to enhance place worth concepts too. Hands-on place worth activities are constantly the most fun!

15. Act out multiplying and dividing.

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Active math video games are one of the very best methods we know to get kids included in their learning. Discover how to act out increasing or diving by powers of 10s at the link listed below.

16. Play a video game of Place Value War.

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Each player has a number of piles (depending on which place worths youre working on) and lays down the leading card from each. The players say the resulting numbers out loud (e.g. “five hundred thirty”) and the gamer with the highest number wins.

17. Build a number.

Kids select some number cards, then attempt to fulfill a series of challenges like making the biggest number they an. Include a decimal card to up the complexity of the video game.

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18. Keep track of school days in a pocket chart.

Each day, count how lots of days theyve remained in school this year by including counters like 10 frames to a pocket chart. The number climbs as the year goes on, developing from ones to 10s to hundreds.

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19. Send them on a scavenger hunt.

Get a stack of old magazines and newspapers and let kids loose to discover examples of the location worth difficulties set in this scavenger hunt. Hit the link listed below to get the totally free.

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20. Shake things up with Yahtzee.

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Roll out the dice and try to beat your challenger as you meet the conditions of this special game of Yahtzee. Print the free game boards and get the guidelines at the link below. (Find more imaginative methods to use dice in your class here.).

21. Enjoy a video game of Whack It!

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What kid doesnt like to whack things with a fly swatter? Put that energy to excellent usage by having them slap the swatter down on the correct worths as you call them out.

22. Take a journey on the Place Value Path.

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This free printable game integrates a traditional board video game with bingo. Count up the number represented by the base ten symbols, and mark it on your bingo board.

23. Toss beanbags into location worth bins.

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Integrate hand-eye coordination practice with mathematics skills in this location worth game. Label bins for tens, hundreds, and so on and pick a number. Kids toss numbered bean bags into the proper bins to win!

24. Snack and learn with rainbow mathematics.

Usage Froot Loops cereal pieces and pipe cleaners to find out 10s and ones with this totally free printable activity. Do not desire to use cereal? Try beads instead.

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25. Usage bolts and nuts to discover location worth.

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Searching for low-cost methods to represent base 10? Try bolts and nuts! You can choose them up in bulk at the hardware shop, and its simple to replace them if they get lost.

26. Make huge DIY ones and 10s blocks.

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Cut squares of brightly colored cardstock for ones, and tape together a series of them to create the 10s. Include smiley deals with to the top simply for fun, and have kids hold up the giant blocks to represent different numbers.

27. Cut a swimming pool noodle into ones and 10s.

The good thing about these DIY manipulatives is that theyre easy for little hands to handle. Cut pool noodles to represent ones and tens to provide kids practice building numbers.

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28. Fix a location worth puzzle.

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Place value activities are still important for older kids. This sophisticated activity asks to solve math word issues and write the solutions into the right location on the grid. Get the complimentary printable at the link below.

29. Complete a location worth labyrinth.

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This advanced location value activity gives trainees practice adding hundreds, thousands, and greater. They discover the next right answer in the labyrinth as they go along. Visit the link for these totally free labyrinths.

30. Walk along huge number lines.

We love location value activities that also get kids up and moving! For this one, use masking tape to create number lines for ones, tens, hundreds, etc. on the flooring. Choose a number and utilize paper plates to mark the right put on the number lines, or have kids stand on the proper mark rather.

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Looking for even more mathematics fun? Try these enjoyable and complimentary portion games!

Place value is one of those basic principles that help kids develop a large range of mathematics abilities. There are lots of fun location value activities you can utilize to help them understand, whether youre working with basic tens and ones or have advanced to decimals with tenths and hundredths. We indicate one of these engaging and entertaining location value books that catch kids creativity while assisting them understand how location value works and why it matters. Count the studs of each brick that lands on a place value ring, then include them up to get your last number. Each gamer has a number of piles (depending on which place values youre working on) and lays down the top card from each.

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